Bidean nam Bian

Highland, Scotland

Partially Family Friendly

About Bidean nam Bian

At an elevation of 1,150 m (3,773 ft), Bidean nam Bian is tallest mountain in the region of Argyll and Bute and is situated to the south of Glen Coe.

It is an impressive mountain composed of many ridges and subsidiary peaks, one of which – Stob Coire Sgreamhach – is listed as a Munro in its own right (elevation 1,115 m / 3,658 ft). One of Bidean nam Bian’s key features is the Three Sisters of Glen Coe, the three ridges that rise steeply and extend to the north, into the Glen.

All main routes up the mountain begin at Glen Coe and pass through corries between the Three Sisters. Paths are well trodden but the terrain is steep, rocky and can be difficult to navigate, with sections of scree and some scrambling required.

Highland, Scotland
Latitude: 56.644229, Longitude: -5.027104

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