Botany Bay and Beach

Kent, England
Family Friendly

About Botany Bay Beach in Kent

Botany Bay is one of seven Broadstairs bays in the county of Kent, UK. This quiet family-friendly beach features 200 m (656 ft) of sandy shoreline and safe swimming conditions. The unique landscape includes striking chalk cliffs and fantastic rock pools with marine plants and animals to discover. Exploring the rock pools may reveal a diverse collection of crabs, anemones, fish, molluscs and shrimp. When the tide recedes, a spectacular chalk reef - often touted as the best in Britain - is revealed.

Visitors to Botany Bay are guaranteed a traditional Great British seaside holiday. Retro throwbacks such as Punch and Judy puppet shows are just one of the many attractions. During the peak summer months, lifeguards are on duty and water sports such as surfing, body-boarding and sea kayaking are popular.  

Paddle Boarding
Kent, England
Latitude: 51.389184, Longitude: 1.43498

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