Cairn Gorm - Cairn Lochan

Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Partially Family Friendly

About Cairn Gorm via Cairn Lochan

Cairn Gorm is undoubtedly the best known and therefore most visited of the mountains in the Cairngorm range in the Scottish Highlands. For many serious walkers, the approach has been somewhat spoilt by facilities for visitors, with its funicular, skiing developments and high-level car park.

By approaching the peak the long way round, via Cairn Lochan, the walker can avoid many of the crowds and enjoy the dramatic rock architecture of the cliffs in the northern quarries. This walk begins at the car park at the ski centre, but avoids the quickest, most well-trodden route. Inevitably, it is not one to be undertaken when weather conditions are poor unless highly experienced and fully prepared.

Skiing & Snowboarding
Mountain Biking
Rock Climbing
Nature Photography
Wild Camping
Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Latitude: 57.081596, Longitude: -3.609174

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