Monadh Mor

Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Not Suitable For Families

Monadh Mor is a summit in the Cairnfgorms range, in the region of Highland, Scotland. It is 1113 m (3652 feet) high and is classified as a Munro. This mountain forms the head wall of Glen Geusachan with its steep rocky east slopes. It presents two tops of similar size. It is usually mixed with Beinn Bhrotain, and it demands a great deal of effort, whether approached across the vast plateau from Glen Feshie or through the more obvious path past White Bridge and the Linn of Dee. The climb in conjunction with Beinn Bhrotain is extremely exposed to bad weather and difficult to navigate in weak visibility.

Landscape Photography
Rock Climbing
Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Latitude: 57.026836, Longitude: -3.749749

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