Cape Cornwall

Cornwall, England

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About Cape Cornwall

This small headland in west Cornwall lies near the town of St Just, around 6.5 km (4 mi) north of Land’s End. It is said to be the only true cape in England - a headland where two oceans or channels meet. In the case of Cape Cornwall, it is at the meeting point of the English and the St George’s Channels.

The area is rich in rare plants and birds for nature lovers. Lying offshore around 1.6 km (1 mi) to the south-west of the headland are two rocks known as the Brisons, 22 m and 37 m (72 ft and 121 ft) in height, connected by an underwater reef. These have been the cause of many shipwrecks and are now an important breeding ground for sea birds.

A Grade II listed chimney stands on the summit, a remnant of the cape’s tin mining history, which can be reached be either of two paths, one relatively easy walking and one steeper. The site is mostly owned by the National Trust. There are no facilities other than a car park and a refreshment van in peak season.

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Cornwall, England
Latitude: 50.132381, Longitude: -5.701212

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