Corra Linn Waterfall

South Lanarkshire, Scotland

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About Corra Linn

Corra Linn is one of the four waterfalls that make up the Falls of Clyde, located on the River Clyde in South Lanarkshire. In fact, it is the highest of the four with a fall of 25.6m (84ft) and is situated above New Lanark. Additionally, it forms part of the Falls of Clyde Reserve, which is managed by the Scottish Wildlife Trust, and is also within the wider Site of Special Scientific Interest for its habitats for roe deer, badgers and over 100 species of bird, as well as a breeding pair of peregrine falcons.

Also immortalised in paintings and verse, the falls are an impressive sight. The Clyde Walkway, a long distance footpath, passes by this and the other three waterfalls on the River Clyde and there is plenty of interest for walkers and wildlife enthusiasts alike in the wider area. A visitor centre provides a wealth of information on the waterfalls, woodlands and wildlife across the site.

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South Lanarkshire, Scotland
Latitude: 55.65344, Longitude: -3.777216

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