Falls of Clyde

South Lanarkshire, Scotland
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About Falls of Clyde

The Falls of Clyde are located in New Lanark, and are composed of four separate waterfalls: Bonnington Linn, Corra Linn and Dundaff Linn (the upper falls) and Stonebyres Linn (lower falls). Surrounded by mixed woodland, with semi-natural native oak wood and conifer, it is a very pretty spot in which to view wildlife such as deer or even a sighting of the resident pair of breeding peregrine falcons.

Unsurprisingly, the area is protected with Site of Special Scientific Interest status, as well as being part of the Clyde Valley Woodlands National Nature Reserve. Corra Linn is the tallest of the three falls at 25.6m (84ft). There is a comprehensive network of pathways across the Falls of Clyde, with the top section of the long distance footpath, the Clyde Walkway, being the most notable. There are regularly organised nature walks and bird watching is also popular, with over 100 species of bird being recorded in the area.

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South Lanarkshire, Scotland
Latitude: 55.662688, Longitude: -3.780295

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