Eildon Hill National Scenic Area

Scottish Borders, Scotland

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Eildon Hill is located in near Melrose, Scottish Borders. It may be possible that the hill was shaped deep below the Earth's surface as old . It has three peaks, the mid one is the highest and it has a 422 metres (1385 feet) height. The northern one is surrounded by over 5 km (3.1 miles) prehistoric walls, framing a surface of about 16 ha (40 acres) in which at least 300 staired slopes have been cropped into rock to supply bases for turf or wood-walled buildings. The hills are hedged by a vast area of woodlands, living to wildlife such as roe deer, bardgers, foxes and stoats.

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Scottish Borders, Scotland
Latitude: 55.58435, Longitude: -2.716632

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