Hindhope Linn Waterfall

Northumberland, England

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Hindhope Linn is a beautiful waterfall located in Northumberland, England. It is situated in the remote and picturesque Upper Coquetdale Valley, which is part of the Northumberland National Park.  To reach the cascade, visitors can follow a hiking trail that leads through the scenic Upper Coquetdale Valley. 

The waterfall itself is a series of cascades and plunges formed by the Hindhope Burn, a small river that flows through the valley. The gorge through which the Hindhope Burn flows is lined with dense woodlands - a mix of deciduous and coniferous varieties, creating a lush and green environment. These woods provide habitat for a variety of wildlife and add to the overall beauty of the scene.

As visitors approach the waterfall along the hiking trail, they are treated to expansive views of the Upper Coquetdale Valley. The valley is characterized by rolling hills, meadows, and patches of heather. In the distance, you may spot the distinctive shape of hills and fells that are typical of the Northumberland landscape.

The most popular activity around Hindhope Linn is hiking and walking, and all the trails that lead to the waterfall are very well-marked.  For those looking for a more active pursuit, the hiking trails can also be used for trail running. The woodlands and meadows are home to a variety of bird species. Bring your binoculars and look for buzzards, kestrels, songbirds, and possibly even raptors soaring above, as Hindhope Linn is an excellent spot for birdwatching. The remote location and lack of light pollution also make it an ideal spot for observing the night sky.

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Northumberland, England
Latitude: 55.292802, Longitude: -2.346371

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