Five Flower Lake

Sichuan (Province), China
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About Five Flower Lake

Legend has it that an ancient goddess dropped a mirror given to her by her lover. The shards of broken glass became the 108 colorful lakes that adorn the Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve in China. Five Flower Lake, or Wuhua Hai, is reputed to be the most beautiful of these.

It lies at the end of the upper stretch of Peacock River at an elevation of 2,472 m (8,110 ft) and is a shallow lake, only about 5 m (16 ft) deep.  The bottom is strewn with fallen ancient tree trunks, clearly visible through the crystal-clear waters.

The waters contain high levels of calcium carbonate, a typical feature in karst landscapes, and this along with aquatic plant life endow the lake with its variety of colors: azure, turquoise, greens and yellows all combine to earn it its fame.

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Sichuan (Province), China
Latitude: 33.159918, Longitude: 103.878415

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