Reed Lake

Sichuan (Province), China

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About Reed Lake

Reed Lake is one of 40 lakes in Jiuzhaigou. In the Shuzheng Valley section, it is 2,140 m (7,021 ft) above sea level and measures 22 km (~14 mi) long. An extremely scenic spot rich with natural beauty, the lake is very popular with visitors to the area. It is aptly named after the beautiful reeds that grow thickly in the water.

The reeds change colour with the seasons; emerald green in the summer to match the water of the lake, beautiful gold in the autumn. A band of water free from reeds cuts through the middle of the lake. Known as the Jade River, myth has it that this band was the belt of Yaoluo Semo, goddess of the mountains.

Flora and Fauna

Aquatic birds are drawn to the blossoming reeds and the lake is rich with wildlife during the spring and summer months. Nature enthusiasts are likely to spot several different species, including wild ducks, wigeons and herons.

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Sichuan (Province), China
Latitude: 33.202319, Longitude: 103.90058

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