Pearl Shoal Waterfall

Sichuan (Province), China

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About Pearl Shoal Waterfall

Pearl Shoal Waterfall is said to be one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Jiuzhaigou Valley National Park. The park itself is situated in the northern Sichuan province of south western China, and the falls are located in Rize Gully.

The waterfall stands at an elevation of 2,433 m (~7,982 ft). The Pearl Shoal is a wide, gentle slope covered by a shallow stretch of water which plunges magnificently down a 40 m (~131 ft) drop in a curtain 310 m  (1,017 ft) wide.

The waterfall takes its name from the pearly droplets of water created as it cascades down the shoal towards the fall. A wooden boardwalk runs across the shoal and down one side, to the foot of the falls.

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Sichuan (Province), China
Latitude: 33.15893, Longitude: 103.880539

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