Loch Shin

Highland, Scotland

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Loch Shin is a loch to the south of the small town Lairg, Highland, Scotland. It runs from the northwest to the southeast and is has a length of 27.2 km (17 miles). The level of the loch raised in the 1950s, by constructing of Lairg Dam as part of a hydroelectric scheme. A couple of Munro mountain summits are around the loch, Ben More in the west and Ben Klibreck to the east. Some of the lochside is wooded, perfect for relaxing. The Falls of Shin, on the River Shin, provide an impressive waterway through a rocky gorge and it is also a beautiful spot to watch the salmon leaping up.

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Highland, Scotland
Latitude: 58.129468, Longitude: -4.575985

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