Meall a'Bhuiridh

Highland, Scotland

Not Suitable For Families

Meall a'Bhuiridh is located close to the top of Glen Coe and Glen Etive, in Highland, Scotland. On the northern side of the peak Glencoe Ski area is found. It is connected with its neighbour Creise via a high bealach, and these two are frequently ascented in conjunction, beginning and finishing at the ski area carpark. This route presents some boggy areas, large boulder fields on the climbing of Meall a'Bhuiridh, and a rocky climb to the peak of Creise. Meall a'BhuiIridh has a good position on the edge of Rannoch Mor, making it a grand viewpoint.

Skiing & Snowboarding
Rock Climbing
Landscape Photography
Highland, Scotland
Latitude: 56.611958, Longitude: -4.851891

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