Spurn Point

East Riding of Yorkshire, England

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About Spurn Point

Spurn Point or Spurn Head Spit is a narrow sand spit stretching into the North Sea on the coast of the East Riding of Yorkshire. Stretching for around 4.8 km (3 mi), it forms the north bank of the Humber Estuary and at its narrowest point, is only 46 m (151 ft) in width.

The tip of the Spit, known as Spurn Head, is a designated National Nature Reserve. Here, the mudflats provide habitats for native and migrant birds to feed, breed and overwinter; and many rare and uncommon species have been spotted here.

The spit is now only accessible on foot since a tidal surge in 2013 rendered the roadway unsafe.

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East Riding of Yorkshire, England
Latitude: 53.573706, Longitude: 0.10864

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