Stack Rocks (Elegug Stacks)

Pembrokeshire (County), Wales

Partially Family Friendly

About Stack Rocks (Elegug Stacks)

Elegug is the poetic sounding Welsh word for the guillemot and not surprisingly these birds are very much in evidence here in nesting season, along with a whole host of other sea birds such as kittiwakes. The Elegug Stacks, or Stacks Rocks, are at Castlemartin on the coastline of Pembrokeshire in south west Wales.

They are two pillars of limestone, a geographical feature caused naturally by the sea eroding weaknesses in the rock. They stand in the sea and are inaccessible from land – not least when the Ministry of Defence has closed off the nearby area to test tanks! When access can be gained, the birds can best be viewed from the mainland throughout the spring and early summer. 

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Pembrokeshire (County), Wales
Latitude: 51.775169, Longitude: -5.174403

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