The Green Bridge of Wales

Pembrokeshire (County), Wales
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About the Green Bridge of Wales

The dominating, striking form of The Green Bridge of Wales extends into the sea from the Pembrokeshire Coast Cliffs near Bosherston and Castle Martin. The Bridge is actually a natural limestone arch created when the sea eroded the central region of a solid promontory of rock. Eventually the top of the arch will also be worn away and collapse into the sea, leaving a stack similar to the nearby Stack Rocks.


There is a viewing platform with picturesque views of the Bridge, stacks and the rugged coastline beyond. The Bridge, stacks and surrounding cliffs are popular climbing areas.

Nearby Bosherston village is a popular visitor destination due to its famous lily ponds. It is possible to take an easy walk around the ponds where various species of wildlife can be seen, including golden eye ducks, reed warblers, sedge warblers and dragon flies and damsel flies that dart amongst the lily pads.

How to get there

The arch can be reached by taking an easy grass path that leads off the 299 km (~186 mi) Pembrokeshire Coastal Path.


Climbing is restricted at certain times of the year due to nesting sea birds. Accessing Stack Rocks is not always straightforward either, as the road that leads to them is often closed due to the proximity of an army range. Check locally for details.

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Pembrokeshire (County), Wales
Latitude: 51.610445, Longitude: -4.998457

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