Staunton Harold Reservoir

Derbyshire, England
Family Friendly

About Staunton Harold Reservoir

Staunton Harold Reservoir is situated between Melbourne and Ticknall. Most of the water lies within Derbyshire, but a small part falls into Leicestershire; the whole is managed by Severn Trent Water. It is also within the National Forest, an environmental project created to blend new planting with existing ancient woodland. The reservoir itself has a total surface area of 0.85 km2 (209 ac).

Activities on the reservoir itself include sailing and coarse fishing; while walking and bird watching are popular in the area surrounding. The site has plenty of amenities, including a visitor centre, a picnic area, a children’s adventure playground and a wildflower meadow, all part of Dimmingsdale Nature Reserve. There is no path running around the reservoir, but a variety of walks span out from each of the three car parks close by.

Derbyshire, England
Latitude: 52.808815, Longitude: -1.442841

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