Ulley Country Park

South Yorkshire, England
Family Friendly

About Ulley Country Park

The centrepiece of the 47 acre Ulley Country Park is Ulley reservoir, with a surface area of 35 acres. There are two main lakes, the larger one of which is used for angling and dinghy sailing while the smaller of the two is a nature reserve.

There is an abundance of wildlife over open water, woodland, grassland, arable land and gorse scrub habitats, with over 150 recorded species of flowering plants which in turn attract a variety of butterflies and insects. There are also many bird species, so the area attracts birdwatchers.

Walking and cycling are also popular activities here. A circular walk around the reservoir is 2.4 km (1.5 mi) and is wheelchair accessible.

South Yorkshire, England
Latitude: 53.382478, Longitude: -1.317415

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