Burton Dassett Country Park

Warwickshire, England

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About Burton Dassett Country Park

Burton Dassett Country Park is in south east Warwickshire and was created in 1971. It consists of a group of ironstone hills which rise to heights of 203 m (666 ft) above sea level. The land was formerly used for quarrying and this has left the area marked with uneven surfaces.

The park is popularly used for walking, picnicking and geocaching and its exposed aspect makes it a great place for flying kites and radio-controlled gliders. There are spectacular views over the countryside and the grassy areas are host to a wide variety of wildflowers in spring and summer. Fox Covert, a small wooded area on the eastern edge of the park, features a short circular walk leading through Norway spruce, ash, oak, hazel and willow trees. A small spring running through the wood yields plenty of aquatic life to observe.

Across the park, there are historical landmarks including a beacon, the remains of quarrying works and All Saints Church, which dates back to 12th century. The Centenary Way, a long distance footpath, also passes through.

Wildlife Watching
Warwickshire, England
Latitude: 52.165407, Longitude: -1.425076

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