Covesea Beach

Moray, Scotland

Family Friendly

About Covesea Beach

Covesea Beach, in Covesea, Moray, Scotland, is one of the best beaches in the area of the small seaside resort village. Above the beach are red sandstone cliffs up to 30 meters (100 feet) tall. On top of them is a lighthouse, which was constructed in 1844. The lighthouse is under the ownership of the Covesea Lighthouse Community Company Ltd. This spot is perfect for families with little children. Located within the courtyard below the lighthouse tower, is a gorgeous sandy beach that is practically on the doorstep. The beach can be accessed by a gate from the lighthouse courtyard. There is a fence enclosing the lighthouse that makes this zone secure for young children.

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Moray, Scotland
Latitude: 57.724763, Longitude: -3.334588

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