Dumbarton Rock

Stirling, Scotland
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About Dumbarton Rock

Dumbarton Rock has an elevation of 73 m (240 ft) and is the seat of Dumbarton Castle, the site of important strategic strongholds dating back to the Iron Age, at least. The volcanic rock lies to the south of the centre of the town of Dumbarton with the River Clyde on one side and the River Leven on two others.

Dumbarton Rock has two summits, the higher one White Tower Crag with a height of 74 m (240 ft) and the other is named Beak, standing about 10m (33 ft) lower. Its terrain and proximity to Glasgow – about a 30 minute drive – means it is popular with visitors, especially boulderers and rock climbing enthusiasts. There are around 380 named climbs and seven large boulders providing a training ground for bouldering.

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Stirling, Scotland
Latitude: 55.937174, Longitude: -4.562652

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