Falls of the Braan

Perth and Kinross, Scotland
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About Falls of Braan

The Falls of Braan is a cascade in Dunkeld, Perthshire in eastern-central Scotland. It is one of the county’s most popular beauty spots, not least for The Hermitage, a National Trust for Scotland protected site. This location features two impressive Georgian follies, Ossian’s Hall of Mirrors and Ossian’s Cave, as well as a remarkable grove of gigantic Douglas fir trees close by the falls.

There are plenty of walks for visitors to the area of various lengths, one of which is fully accessible for wheelchairs. A link is provided to an extensive network of footpaths across Dunkeld, in total covering a distance of over 48km (30mi). A good spot for watching the Falls Of Braan is Ossian’s Hall, which has been freshly restored by the National Trust for Scotland with the construction of glass door at the entrance.

There are also opportunities to see the salmon leaping up the river in season.

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Perth and Kinross, Scotland
Latitude: 56.557514, Longitude: -3.613929

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