Falls of Bruar

Perthshire, Scotland

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About Falls of Bruar

The Falls of Bruar are a series of waterfalls on the Bruar Water, a short distance away by car from Pitlochry in Perth and Kinross. The drop of the falls across their length is around 60m (197ft) in total, with two larger falls and several smaller drops. High spots along the length of this include deep pools, rocky outcrops and in one place, a natural arch.

There is a short but lovely circular walk from the car park in Glen Garry with fine views of the gorge, leading up to the Lower Bridge which stands close to this natural arch and up to the Upper Bridge before crossing and returning down the river bank on the opposite side. The path through the terrain is clearly marked, but is steep in parts with sheer drops to the side. The arched remains of a Victorian house can be observed just on the left of Lower Bridge, which was originally designed to offer a sudden and surprising view of the falls.

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Perthshire, Scotland
Latitude: 56.779282, Longitude: -3.93297

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