Linn of Tummel Waterfall

Perth and Kinross, Scotland
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About Linn of Tummel

Linn of Tummel is an area of woodland covering around 19 hectares (47ac), where the rivers Garry and Tummel meet, in Perthshire, Scotland. The name in Scots Gaelic means ‘pool of tumbling stream’, which used to refer to the cascade resulting from the descent of the River Tummel down over a fall to join the River Garry. However, in 1950, the erection of a hydro-electric plant raised the level of both rivers and reduced the falls to series of rocky rapids. These can be viewed to good effect from the river bank. The area is owned and maintained by the National Trust for Scotland, and along with over 48km (30mi) of footpaths, there is plenty of wildlife and flora to view all year round.

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Perth and Kinross, Scotland
Latitude: 56.724152, Longitude: -3.800513

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