Loch of Aboyne

Aberdeenshire, Scotland
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Loch of Aboyne is a shallow, artificially formed loch near Aboyne, in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. It has a surface of 12.2 ha (30 acres) and a maximum depth of 3.4 m (11 feet). It was nominated a Site of Special Scientific Interest in 1984, thanks to its aquatic flora and fauna. The loch is open all year round for local and visiting course anglers. Bait, spinning and fly fishing is allowed on the lake. The main species are bream, carp, pike, roach, perch and tench. The loch of Aboyne is a great alternative if the River Dee becomes unfishable.

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Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Latitude: 57.087409, Longitude: -2.767277

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