Mount Keen

Aberdeenshire, Scotland

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About Mount Keen

Mount Keen is the most easterly of Scotland’s Munros, located in Aberdeenshire and part of the Grampian range. It stands at an elevation of 939 m (3,081 ft) and has a prominence of around 314 m (1,030 ft). Its cone-shaped peak looms above the Mounth plateau.

The quickest route to the summit is from Glen Esk via Glen Mark from the south, although this can be a very exposed walk in poor weather. Approaching from the north from Glen Tanar is the more scenic, but longer, route, through the native Caledonian pinewoods, which many undertake on mountain bikes to the foot of the mountain. The climb from there can be steep and rocky in places, but nonetheless relatively easily negotiable except in icy conditions.

On the summit, there is a trig point and fine views of the Cairngorms on a clear day.

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Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Latitude: 56.979649, Longitude: -2.974991

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