Balnakeil Bay Beach

Highland, Scotland

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About Balnakeil Bay Beach

Balnakeil Bay Beach is a large, white beach with wide dunes, located near Cape Wrath in the north of Scotland. To reach Balnakeil Bay, just take the minor road running west out of Durness. Its simple access by road makes it less overwhelming and imposing than Sandwood Bay south of Cape Wrath. The beach is pure and impressive, which is both wide and accessible, giving visitors endless chances to uncover and explore. The sand dunes are one of the most evident characters of this stunning beach as they represent a wide range of habitats. The sandy bay is crescent formed and meets west, allowing bathing to be unspoiled and calm. The beach is very popular for its amazing sunsets.

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Highland, Scotland
Latitude: 58.588921, Longitude: -4.770874

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