Sandwood Bay Beach

Highland, Scotland

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About Sandwood Bay Beach

Awarded the Telegraph's coveted Beach of the Week title in July 2007, Sandwood is a beautiful and remote sandy bay in Sutherland, Scotland. In order to reach the bay, visitors must hike 4 miles across bleak and barren moorland but the remarkable wilderness of Sandwood is more than worth the walk. The startling blue loch is met by pink sands and bordered by striking cliffs and undulating sand dunes. An impressive sea stack completes the breathtaking scenery.

Sandwood Bay is quiet and secluded. The crystal clear water is ideal for swimming and surfing. Camping, hiking and hill walking are also possible recreational activities. The bay is the scene for many legends, one in particular involving the discovery of a mermaid. In 1900 a local farmer named Alexander Gunn was searching for a lost sheep on the beach with his dog. He reported that his dog discovered a figure lounging on a rock at sea. Gunn described the mermaid as remarkably beautiful with red hair, blue-green eyes and yellow ski; he maintained the truth of his story until the day he died.

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Highland, Scotland
Latitude: 58.538543, Longitude: -5.060009

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